About the action

“Copenhagen against social dumping” is the City of Copenhagen’s action to ensure fair working conditions and fair competition for everyone, who works on our behalf.

In the City of Copenhagen, we have since 2011 countered social dumping with demands for fair pay and working conditions for every employee, who goes to work on assignments for us. At the same time, this will ensure fair competition for companies with proper structures, when they bid on assignments for the City of Copenhagen. From 1 January 2017, also those receiving aid and subsidies were covered by demands for clauses.

Contractual requirements

The demand for fair pay and working conditions is a part of the contract with the City of Copenhagen by way of a labour clause. Additionally, some suppliers are also covered by education and employment clauses, where it is possible to educate trainees and apprentices or employ unemployed persons for an assignment.

An action team will control the conditions

To ensure that these clauses are followed, the City of Copenhagen has an internal action team.

Among other tasks, the action team makes control visits to our suppliers and partners to ensure that they have proper conditions.

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You can read more about the action in our flyers addressed to the City’s suppliers and to their employees below.